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Pregnancy Symptoms Infographics

When I was still in nursing school, I have to admit that Maternal and Child Nursing is by far the hardest nursing field for me. It’s ironic how I dread to learn and assimilate the function of something I have by birth. But I guess taking things to the next level, as with pregnancy, makes everything more difficult. This is the reason why I had a hard time studying and memorizing all about pregnancy in college.

How  I wish we had something like this back then.

(Special thanks to www.pregnancysymptoms.com for the infographic. I have seen this  from http://www.cooldailyinfographics.com)


Infographic by PregnancySymptoms.Net


Just sharing. Sometimes, it’s cool to just muse on things rather than to make a whole new bunch of articles for content.


Tina’s Prayer for Answers and Sanity

Dear Lord,

I am now staring in front of my netbook screen, thinking how life could have been if things were a little different. I was just thinking how I would have become had I not agreed to succumb to matters that periled me seven years ago….

Please don’t get me wrong. I am absolutely thankful with whatever I have right now. Who would complain on enjoyable set of friends, cool band mates, remarkable job opportunities, and protective family. Truly, I am grateful to all these things you have bestowed upon me. Not everyone can experience all of them at the same time. And I couldn’t ask for more. But sometimes, there are issues that I feel are not yet resolved and dwelt upon. That there are various aspects in my life that need to be clarified, settled, or let go if necessary… Continue reading


Top Five Reasons Why Singing for a Rock Band Rocks

Recently, I had the opportunity to provide some sort of ‘declaration’ that I am officially doing my own music. You see, I am a registered nurse by profession. Leaving the nursing field has been quite a disappointment to my parents and loved ones. It was hard justifying my music to them but I know they would understand eventually (cross-fingers). Singing has been a calling that I tried to ignore but was too strong to overcome and resist. After a period of intense contemplation of my own life and happiness, I decided to finally pursue it. Now, I am up to the challenge of traversing the magical realms of music and the risks of failure that goes along with it, if there is such thing as ‘failure’ in music in the first place. Continue reading


Genuine Care in Nursing

Various frameworks had provided a set of standards on provision of care for patients in the health care setting. Such standards are governed and justified with logical rationale derived from research-proven advancements in medical science, particularly in nursing. As a nurse professional, founding the methodologies of care implementation on the nursing fundamentals is deemed necessary in order to ensure safe nursing practice. It is always a requisite for all nurses to know and practice these nursing care standards whenever they would have to deal with patients. It is their main responsibility to ensure the provision of individualized and safe care in order to meet their patient’s health needs.

Nurses at your service!

While it is expected of all Filipino nurse professionals to give intelligent and safe care to their patients, still, most of them are forgetting one aspect of care that should be considered with high regard. No matter how efficient your assessment, planning, and care implementation could be, a nurse must never neglect practicing his profession with a genuine heart. Genuineness is not something you acquire from attending graduate school or reading profound reference books or manuscripts. Rather, it is something nurses should feel highly of and be enthusiastic to explore upon. It is one important commitment any nurse should engage into and keep up with. Genuineness is deeply rooted upon willingness to respond to call of service. Some might find it an overstatement but believe it or don’t, it is highly relevant to the essence of becoming a true nurse.

As someone coming from the same profession, I opt to mention three factors I have seen and observed during my clinical practice as a nurse. Altogether, they greatly influence the state of genuineness of a typical Filipino nurse’s professional practice.

Nowadays, many nurses are considered proficient in all their respective fields, especially in terms of their knowledge and skills in performing and assisting various routine and special procedures. However, it is sad to find out that after attending to their respective patients, the care often stops right there. Say for example, a nurse turns his patient to a different position because he knows that maintaining him in the same position for prolonged periods of time might give him pressure sores. Then after doing so, he simply walks away never bothering to assess or ask about how the patient felt or if the patient has other aspects of needs. As long as he performs the routine ‘nursing care’ that could be written on the patient’s chart at the end of every shift, he thinks everything is fine. While implementing standard nursing interventions are necessary, however, a lot of nurses at present are forgetting that they are dealing with human beings and not merely with diseases. Aside from checking and recording vital signs, as well as maintaining the integrity and position of all contraptions, nurses would need to exhibit genuine care that would make their patients/clients feel better despite serious illness and isolation. Ideally, a nurse should be that someone in white cap and uniform that is ready to listen and lend a hand. As nurses, one shall be able to treat his patients with all sense of holism. Every aspect of a patient’s persona should be taken in great consideration and respect.

Many patients nowadays would say, “If you want a great and caring nurse, do your best to have your admission at a PRIVATE facility.” Isn’t it that genuine care should always be provided by ANY nurse professional there is? Regardless of patient assignment, genuine care (apart from implementation of professional, empirical, and skillful methodologies) is one important component of nursing practice. Nursing care does not discriminate whether the recipient is a billionaire or amongst those thriving below poverty line. Delivering expert care should be the same for all types of clients. There shall never be a difference between nursing in a high-end and private facility from a public general hospital. But now, it is very sad to think that the innate norms in the health care setting permits otherwise.

Source: Sherry Ann Aguila, RN

For someone who is a professional, a rightful degree of compensation for the provision of his expertise is deemed necessary. Nursing is a profession from which individuals are given the responsibility to provide expert care to his clientele. Therefore, nurses are also entitled to a decent compensation. Ideally, a registered nurse shall be receiving a salary not lower than grade 15 as prescribed in Section 32 of the Republic Act 9173, also known as the Nursing Act of 2002. However, nurses had been inappropriately compensated over the years. Instead, nurses had been receiving much lesser amount as compared to the aforementioned mandated salary grade for nurses. A nurse professional’s way of providing expert care is not solely funded on monetary figures. However, a rightful compensation should always be given on each member of the Philippine nursing work force to ensure the general welfare of themselves, as well as their own families. The allotment of unjust salary to these nurses is somewhat influential on their decreased motivation to execute their utmost professional expertise in their respective settings.

At present, there is an obvious struggle and impediment in the part of Filipino nurse professionals; particularly on major issues affecting the practice of their profession as a whole. However, these should not hinder every Filipino nurse to exemplify genuineness in providing expert care to his patients.

As a nurse, one has vowed to dedicate his practice on genuine service for others. No matter what happens, they should be able to live by it. Continue embodying the persona of a true Filipino nurse.

To my fellow Filipino nurses, try as much as you could to always become the genuine and caring professionals we are all known for.

God speed!

(This article was first published at www.hubpages.com)


VITEX NEGUNDO in Focus: The Multi-Purpose Medicinal Plant

Recent studies showed the emerging importance of utilizing alternative medicine. One aspect of such practice is the use of herbal entities as treatment for various illnesses. Even before the marked scientific advancement in the history of humankind, herbal plants were used as part of traditional remedy for health disorders by ancient people. At present, there are more types of plants discovered which possess medicinal benefits. Some are even widely used today. Currently, one herbal plant is in the limelight of health breakthrough accounted for a number of its health and medicinal attributes. Being called in different names relative to the area or country that rears it, Vitex Negundo is simply just one-of-a-kind. Continue reading


The Ten Commandments of Singing for Vocalists and Aspiring Singers

Becoming a vocalist is not as easy as it seems. Behind all the spotlights and cheers from fans comes tons of hard work achieved only with tedious and constant perseverance. A good singing performance is not something acquired just by throwing a coin in a wishing well. It entails a lot of practice, patience, and preparation on the part of the singer/performer. Just as writers use their pens, papers, or laptops to weave ideas in to words, singers use their entire body to make music. While their voice and vocal cords are the primary sources of their musical sounds, still, it would be valuable to know that a singer’s performance is highly dependent on overall use and care of his body. That is why it is a MUST for every professional and aspiring vocalist alike to take great care of their entire physique if they want to acquire the much needed resistance and brilliance in singing. Continue reading